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Owner of Grouse Haven Guide Service

Grouse Haven Wing-Shooting

--About Michael T. Browning



I have been an avid bird hunter most of my life, and I decided to become a professional guide over ten years ago.  I bought my first bird dog, Tess, in 2003 and began reading and conversing with professional gun dog trainers.  I became obsessed with grouse and woodcock hunting over pointing dogs. I spent the next five years absorbing as much knowledge as I could, from books to meeting with other professional guides.


In 2008 I obtained my Maine Guide license, and began sharing my knowledge with people who were as passionate about gun dogs, double guns and bird hunting as I was.


Today, on our private property, I have developed grouse and woodcock hunting grounds for avid upland hunters. I currently reside in Jay, Maine with my 5 English Setters, Rake,Chops, Briar, Charlie & Ryker.

In 2014 I became an Orvis endorsed wingshooting guide.


My vision for Grouse Haven Wing-Shooting is to become a world-renowned wing-shooting destination.

-Michael Browning




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