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Here at Grouse Haven Wing-Shooting, we take pride in delivering world-class service to all of our clients.  Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

I hunted with Michael under tough conditions, very warm weather with lots of leaves still on the trees.  We still had good points on birds and plenty of oppurtunities for shooting.  His dogs are very good and Michael treats his clients to a full measure of Grouse and hospitality making hunting with him a real pleasure.  


Mark k. Jones, Ohio

"A day afield with Michael Browning not only met my expectations, but greatly surpassed them.  From his extreme professionalism to his English Pointers immaculate style and grace.  The hunt was phenomenal.  I have, consequently, never felt more comfortable or confident pursuing the elusive Ruffed Grouse.  Michael offered a truly bespoke wingshooting experience.  One, which I will never forget."


Drew Goodspeed, Kalamazoo Michigan











Michael, thanks for the day of instruction.  I was impressed with several aspects of your guiding style.  First of all, you approach fly-fishing not a serious sport to knit my brows about as rather something to enjoy.  It is clear you enjoy what you do and I love to see that in a teacher.  Your pointers on my casting style were invaluable.  I don't know how many books and articles I've read-to many-but you zeroed in on some mechanical mistakes and gave me some simple pointers that have worked for me the rest of the season. Your advice was simple, well put, and easy to follow.  And your enthusiasm for casting got me practicing again with a clear sense on what to concentrate on.  Understanding what I am doing is sometimes more important than the doing.  Your knowledge of insects, their life cycles, and how we choose and present flies is something I really appreciated.  In fact it would be fun to go out with you sometime and just do bugs.  Your knowledge of basic entomology was really impressive, and more than I've seen in many guides.  I feel much better able, with just a few flies, to fish with a sense of knowing more of what I'm trying to do.

Thanks again!


Dr. Stephen Bien, Jay Maine

Dear Wilson lake Inn,


Never having been on a hunt of any kind before, I was dubious about accompanying my friends on a Wilson Lake grouse hunt. But it turned out to be a delightful experience, and not at all what I had expected.

It was great to just get out in the fields and woods, to enjoy the nature and to watch the amazing way the dogs interacted with the hunters.

The guide was a wonderfully engaging person. He took care of us in the field, with folding chairs when we needed a rest no less(!), and a delicious hot lunch with fresh-baked bread at a rustic but perfectly appointed cabin in the woods.

We were very well taken care of, both at the Wilson Lake Inn and with our guide Michael Browning.

It was like being on a little Maine safari and, even though I am

not a hunter at all, I enjoyed every minute of it.


Susan Haedrich, Norwich Vermont





"Grouse Haven Wing-Shooting provided a wonderful day for me and my son and while on the hunt,"  Michael's skill and his appreciation for the outdoors will be a factor for many return trips to the beautiful setting we hunted."


Chris Brinkman, Farmington Maine

I very much enjoyed my day with Michael and his dogs.  Michael was professional, knowledgable and helpful through the entire experience.  I look forward to booking again next fall!


John Harriman, Hampden Maine

Ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting, and fly-tying
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